UCNC Advantage

To provide the world's finest wire diameter to the thickest diameter of the winding solution,to provide customers with one-stop winding solution. UCNC AUTOMATION CO.,LTD from the huge air coil winding manufacturing as a starting point,through continuous improvement to bring value-added services to customers,thus laying aleadership positionin the winding machine industry forUCNC AUTOMATION CO.,LTD.

Industry Solutions

Set R & D design and production and sales after-sales service as one of the automated mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturers,professional custom production for the production of CNC automation equipment.

  • Round copper wire

    The power supply,motor,low voltage electrical appliances,industrial control,home appliances,car electronics,consumer electronics

  • Flat wire wound

    The electronic transformer,power supply,solar energy,wireless charger,car electronics,switch,mobile phone and other high-tech products

  • Self-adhesive wire winding

    The television technology,audio technology,communication,receiving,antenna amplifier and power filter,and other fields

  • Alpha Winding

    In mobile phones,automotive industry,has steel is related to mobile phones,and other professional auto parts manufacturers provide...

  • Multi-wire winding

    In the 3C product industry,especially for mobile phones,notebooks,tablet PCs and other products of the process...

  • System integration

    UCNC to integrate the different levels of automation system in the value chain,for customers to create the absolute advantage.


Service and support

Perfect and strong after-sales service is a steel brand value protection,steel after-sales service is a senior engineer composed of a strong support team,well-trained and experienced.